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Yet another vice gets added to the list

08 February 2004

In February 2004, I posted the following to LiveJournal, a popular blogging site:

If I'm ever asked in the future as to why I set up an LJ site, I'll state that 'everyone was doing it' and blame it squarely on my friends. Seriously though, I've been hermiting a bit recently, and at least this lets me hermit constructively. I've been noticing that more than a few people have been hermiting themselves, or moving around to different cities, all of which I find most inconvenient. :) I've just finished reading through the Origami Boulder company's website (http://www.origamiboulder.com/) - the feedback page is definitely a must-read.

In September, 2010 I exported the LiveJournal to a WordPress site, and began learning about that platform. The web was evolving and becoming increasingly complex, and my community had started to move on from LiveJournal. In March, 2018 I moved the contents of the blog to Jekyll, after a collegue did something similar.

In 2020 I decided the web was a different place, and no longer a suitable place to contain a journal of my day to day activities. As a result, I’ve been through the blog an excised most of the personal content, leaving it as a professional/tech blog with posts that are hopefully helpful to others. They are definately helpful to me; I write them as I learn. However, for posterity, here is the Origami Boulder site I linked above, in case it ever goes offline - it’s been up 15 years since I last posted, but you never know:

Origami Boulder website