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Lost in the Study Jungle

30 September 2012

It seems that the first casualty of a busy life is my blog. This is probably a healthy thing, but it does mean that when I look back on recent months, I find it hard to recall everything that I’ve been doing. There has been sleep school, trips away to the country, to the sea, celebrations, work, study, the thinnest sliver of a social life, and more. Fortunately Amber is recording a lot of this at her blog.


For the most part, it’s been work, Zac, study and sleep. Occasionally Amber & I get some time together, and that’s good too. I always knew this section of my life was going to be lots of hard work, and while it is quite tiring, it is very rewarding.

I kicked off my MBA with a 4-day intensive at RMIT, which was interesting. I’m actually finding the study material useful information, which I have to confess to being a little surprised at - my previous uni experiences in the computing field didn’t convince me that uni is the best place to learn something. I’m having different reactions to different subjects. In another life, I think I could have gone heavily into economics - I really like the subject. Still, this is just macroeconomics, so I’ve only just scratched the surface - I bought a copy of John Maynard Keynes’ General theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, and found the language used in the book byzantine, so who knows how I’ll find other economics subjects. I’ve also discovered that I have no inner accountant; I’ll pass accounting, and probably not do too badly, but I just don’t like the subject that much.

I’m tossing up what subjects to do next. I think I’ll take a break from the figures, and maybe to some marketing, or the ethics elective. Whatever I choose, it needs to play to my strengths a bit more, since we are getting a house extension done through most of the semester, and we’ll be living in my parent’s townhouse in Carlton, cats and all. The four months from late January to May are going to be a challenge, but the house we’ll have at the end of it is going to be great.

Work is exploding, in a positive way. We are getting into sales, courtesy of a friend who has joined the company, and we are starting to see real movement. We’d need a crystal ball to see what the future is like, but for now, we are renovating the offices next to us to make room for another 6+ people at head office, and I don’t doubt we’ll be bringing more people on board soon.

Anyway, that is the state of play for now. Lots of study, work, and family stuff. Life is good.