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WhatWeb on Cygwin

06 January 2015

HTTP fingerprinting on windows normally uses a windows based gui, like httprint, but there are some excellent command line options as well. Whatweb is a ruby program that identifies websites, their frameworks, language version, server version, etc. The current stable build is 0.4.6, which won’t work on cygwin, since it’s written for ruby 1.9, and cygwin currently ships with 2.0. Fortunately the git development copy 0.4.8 works just fine.

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Meld on Cygwin

18 December 2014

Meld is a graphical diff and merge program for comparing files. It is particularly good at helping you review the differences between differing code. The project’s homepage is http://meldmerge.org, and like many good programs, it can run on Cygwin, though you will need X Windows up and running. Note that there is a Windows Installer at http://sourceforge.net/projects/meld-installer/, but the result won’t be integrated into your cygwin environment.

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Nmap & Wireshark

09 December 2014

Both very handy tools, Nmap allows you to scan an object for listening ports, discover services on a network and more. Wireshark lets you log network traffic and analyse it. Both leverage winpcap to work on Windows.

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Stress Testing with Siege, on Cygwin

04 December 2014

Siege is one of many website stress testers. It spawns multiple processes and begins requesting the pages from the target website as rapidly as it can. There is no attempt at obfuscation; it’s very obvious, traceable and blockable, but it is good for seeing how your server will handle under load. You can get the source code from http://www.joedog.org/siege-home

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Installing sqlmap on Cygwin

30 November 2014

Sqlmap is a tool for automating SQL injection discovery and exploitation on your websites, or your clients. Fortuitously it works well via cygwin, though it requires some setting up.

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