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How do you stop software breaking?

24 April 2018

The difficulty with quality is that like all knowledge work, it’s invisible. Each practice within the discipline guards against specific issues, and each can be skipped... until something breaks. Software testers devote an entire career to this topic, so it is difficult to cover it all with any kind of brevity, but here are the things I would look for.

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WIP & Why multitasking is costly

05 March 2018

5am on the road, and the streets are empty - you get from point A to point B rapidly, as does everyone else awake at that hour. Several hours later there are many more cars on the road; everyone gets where they are going much slower. It’s not that there isn’t enough room in the lanes for the cars, it’s that every has to start and stop, reacting to the car in front of them, not just the lights. These interruptions, in essence, are the problem with high levels of concurrent work.

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What *actually* is DevOps?

23 February 2018

DevOps is a pretty popular term right now. It's well established in many companies and even made it into frameworks like SAFe 4.5. But what actually is it? Most people are aware that it involves automation, but deeper understanding seems to be rare.

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Installing Kali Linux on a Dell XPS 9550

27 December 2017

I've used Kali Linux as a daily driver on my Dell XPS 15 for most of the last year, and it works well for that purpose. There are a couple of things you need to do when setting it up to get it to run smoothly though.

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Encrypt your home directory in Kali Linux

22 September 2017

Full disk encryption requires you to enter a password on boot, and isn't the smoothest experience. It is the best approach from a security point of view, but I'm a believer in practical compromises. With linux, for me that means transparent home folder encryption.

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