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Installing Kali Linux on a Dell XPS 9550

27 December 2017

I've used Kali Linux as a daily driver on my Dell XPS 15 for most of the last year, and it works well for that purpose. There are a couple of things you need to do when setting it up to get it to run smoothly though.

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Encrypt your home directory in Kali Linux

22 September 2017

Full disk encryption requires you to enter a password on boot, and isn't the smoothest experience. It is the best approach from a security point of view, but I'm a believer in practical compromises. With linux, for me that means transparent home folder encryption.

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Does my non-EU business need GDPR compliance?

10 September 2017

The answer is maybe. There are a lot of consultants making a bundle off GDPR at the moment, selling opinions. What is definite is that we have the wording of the legislation, prior EU laws and guidelines.

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Upgrading RAM & WiFi in the Dell XPS 15 (9550)

04 September 2017

After spending a reasonable amount of time running Linux on the Dell XPS 15 (9550), I can say that the only hardware I can't get to work reliably is the Bluetooth support. I've had partial success, but really this is something I just want to work when I need it. The solution is to change out the existing Broadcom card for a cheap Intel AC 8260 card (cost me AUD $40), after which I now have good WiFi and Bluetooth support. Provided you have the right hex tool, the Dell XPS is easy to open and upgrade.

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Installing Node.js on Kali Linux

27 August 2017

Most of the guides I've found on how to do this are fairly involved, requiring you to build from source and install without a .dpkg, which is messy if you ever want to change your installation. Installing Node.js is the same as for Debian.

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Install Visual Studio Code on Kali Linux

16 August 2017

Anyone spending a decent amount of time in Kali is going to want a GUI code editor, and they'll probably want something a little more advanced than gedit (which is currently unmaintained as of writing). My preference is Visual Studio code.

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