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pydf & Disk Space on Cygwin

21 June 2015

Occasionally you may want to check your diskspace, and via cygwin, you can see all the drives mounted on your computer via the ‘df’ command line utility. A slightly nicer approach however is pydf, a python-based replacement.

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14 June 2015

Cygwin Ports is a repository of binary and source packages that add more software to the base Cygwin installation. Included are a range of full desktop environments, such as Gnome, XFCE, etc. You can get more information directly from the projects’ website.

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Installing X on Cygwin

07 June 2015

When I first started using cygwin I didn’t really see much sense in having X windows, within MS Windows. I think that’s because for those of us who became familiar with Linux via desktop environments had limited exposure to the origins of X and some of the things it was intended to achieve - distributed GUI applications on client machines, run off a central server. So when you ssh into a computer, and they both have X servers, and you’re using the -X switch to enable port forwarding, you will get the GUI on your computer, while the program runs on the server.

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Updating Cygwin

31 May 2015

Cygwin doesn’t automatically update itself, and doesn’t provide a command line utility to do so. In order to get updates, and install or remove software, you need to run the installer again. Occasionally, you will also need to get an updated copy of the installer. Fortunately, all this can be automated:

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Installing Cygwin

25 May 2015

As one might expect, taking a voluntary redundancy, job hunting, and getting up to speed in a new role leaves very little time for blogging. Now that I’m able to do so again, I’ve decided that instead of focusing on new programs for a while, I’m going to go through and update previous guides. Cygwin is a moving target, and there have been changes to how windows and cygwin usernames are mapped to each other, and other updates. So first off, installing cygwin…

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libusb on Cygwin

01 March 2015

When you next upgrade, if you have installed a package that depends on libusb, you will get a prompt to download and install libusb-win32. The popup contains the download link, but if you don’t want to retype it, libusb-win32 is available here.

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