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A New Experiment

26 July 2014

So I’ve decided to take some of my new found spare time and embark on an experiment. You can see the start of it at cygwin.rafaelhart.com (UPDATE: now offline).

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Secure Shell Daemon (sshd)

23 July 2014

Running an SSH daemon can be very useful, especially if you’d like to securely transfer files too and from your Windows box. The installation process is quite straightforward, but part of it includes the automatic creation of the ‘cyg_server’ account, which you will see at login as an alternate user. This doesn’t really affect your use of windows, but cosmetically it may not be what you prefer.

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Multiplexing with Screen

11 July 2014

GNU Screen is one of my favourite things on linux, but it also has it’s uses on Cygwin. If you are unfamiliar with it, screen allows you to run multiple sessions within a single terminal. There are many tutorials on the net for how to use screen, so I’m only posting a basic .screenrc, which is the file that controls local screen sessions under Cygwin. It’s relatively lightweight, but useful. It’s here.

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Who knew nano had a config file?

10 June 2014

Okay, there isn’t much that can be done with nano, but it’s a handy tool to have installed. It’s especially handy when you are messing around with a vim config, and you stop it from working. I’ve published a basic .nanorc with syntax highlighting and some python friendly options.

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...and finished!

31 May 2014

My MBA is finished, after two years of studying into the night, and on weekends. All the coursework is done, I now just have to wait for the administrative process to churn out something certifying me.

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