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Who knew nano had a config file?

10 June 2014

Okay, there isn’t much that can be done with nano, but it’s a handy tool to have installed. It’s especially handy when you are messing around with a vim config, and you stop it from working. I’ve published a basic .nanorc with syntax highlighting and some python friendly options.

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...and finished!

31 May 2014

My MBA is finished, after two years of studying into the night, and on weekends. All the coursework is done, I now just have to wait for the administrative process to churn out something certifying me.

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Lost in the Study Jungle

30 September 2012

It seems that the first casualty of a busy life is my blog. This is probably a healthy thing, but it does mean that when I look back on recent months, I find it hard to recall everything that I’ve been doing. There has been sleep school, trips away to the country, to the sea, celebrations, work, study, the thinnest sliver of a social life, and more. Fortunately Amber is recording a lot of this at her blog.

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On Flying with Babies

20 May 2012

Recently, Amber, Zac and I went on a trip to Singapore to visit Zac’s godparents, David & Shruti. This involved two flights, which were honestly a bit tough. Amber & I thought that one of us should jot down some notes on the experience for any friends who are contemplating the same.

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Refreshing Stuff

27 February 2012

So, up until recently, I thought that Strontium was pretty much only common as part of radioactive fallout.

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Swallowed a Fly

14 November 2011

Its seven months now since Zac joined us and brightened up our world. Becoming a parent is the biggest gang hazing in the world. Once you’re through it, you have something in common with every other parent, but it can be rough at times.

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